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Comau is a worldwide leader in the industrial automation field. We offer complete engineering solutions, from product development to the realization of industrial process and automation systems. Through dynamic research and development we constantly expand and improve our product portfolio.

Our competencies in Body Assembly, Powertrain Machining & Assembly, and Robotics enable Comau to deliver innovative products, systems, and solutions that suit manufacturing requirements in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Commercial Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Heavy Industry, and General Industry. Comau Academy, the learning factory we created, and forty-plus years of experience in the global market, allow us to play a leadership role in competencies development. Comau, in fact, strongly believes that culture does not arise only in universities, but also at the workplace and then spreads, profitably, outside of them. Our technical culture is expressed every day, from the people who work at Comau to us making it available to those who are interested. Thanks to its learning programs, Comau has hired hundreds of people throughout the years, however the most important achievement is having created a stable, effective bridge to connect schools and universities to the company’s environment.

In addition to our expertise in delivering turn key solutions, we also have an extensive range of tried and tested automation products, such as;

  • Robots
  • AGV
  • Vision systems
  • Digitalisation platform
  • Laser welding technology
  • Machining centres
  • Welding Guns
  • Robotic Hemming

We have a partner in Equipment Connect who provides asset finance and management of equipment which enables SME to manage their equipment lifecycle.  




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Services Comau UK Provide

COMAU - Motor behind imagination

Body Assembly

We Know What Companies Care About Most. No two firms are equal and every production line has its own specific requirements. This is why we don’t sell solutions from a catalog, but plan and develop them together with our Customers.

Electrification - Know How Right Now

Our field-proven expertise in automation, digitalization and intelligent technologies covers the entire e-value chain; we are helping established and emerging companies begin and evolve their electrification journeys.

Robotics & Automation Products

A unique automation suite composed of robots, controls and software that easily fit in with your production processes. To make our product range accessible to all, Comau has partnered with Equipment Connect for asset financing.

Powertrain & Machining

Covering your production needs every step of the way. Our solutions are based on leading-edge process technologies, high speed machining, long-term accuracy and reliability.

General Automation

From concept design to full-line integration, we specialise in helping companies compete in fast paced markets with emerging demands. We can provide a turn key solution for your manufacturing and material handling needs.

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  • October 2018
  • 95
  • 1975
  • £100,000,000

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Unit A2 Swift Park, Old Leicester Rd, Rugby, CV21 1DZ
Tel: 01788 554500

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